Graton's Got Yoga!!

Corina Stoicescu
Corina began her study of the body from the outside through Biology and Modern Dance and from the inside through meditation and a yoga practice. After a serious bicycle accident, practice became a way to heal and explore how the body/mind affect each other. She teaches in the Viniyoga style which emphasizes appropriate application of all the yoga tools including postures, breath, sound and meditation to the unique condition of the individual. She uses her science background to incorporate anatomy and kinesiology, and her dance/meditation background to bring a somatic, heart based approach to class. She has been teaching yoga since 2005. See her website for info on privates and upcoming workshops.

Phone:     (707) 540-3559

Erin O'Brien

Erin’s approach to yoga is non-authoritarian, inquiry-based, and rooted in experiential learning. Trained at the Nosara Yoga Institute, Erin brings four years of experience as a yoga educator and more than 500 hours of advanced training in yoga. She teaches vinyasa flow, Self-Awakening Yoga Therapeutics, Restorative Yoga, and offers one-on-one Pranassage sessions. To learn more about Erin, check out her website: SoulFood.Yoga.


Denise Hammond

Denise started yoga after a long time of teaching movement and dance.  As she discovered the healing powers of yoga she was drawn to teaching others the "magic" of yoga.  Before her recent move to Sebastopol, Denise had been teaching the past ten years in Southern California after 2002 teacher training with Ana Forrest, Shiva Rea and Max Strom.    

Phone:     707-827-3788

Lee Brewster
Lee's has been studying or practicing yoga, dance, Feldenkrais, Somatics, massage, and strength training for most of her life.  Since retiring from Sonoma State University in 2012, she has focused on teaching yoga and strength training.  She currently uses the ViniYoga approach as taught by Mirka Kraftsow, for her Thursday classes at Stone Creek Zendo. This approach is therapeutic and adapted to the audience.  For more information about Lee's yoga or strength training, including videos and photos, please visit her web site is at


Class Descriptions:

Yoga with Corina
On Saturday morning, we'll explore a combination of energizing and restful poses and is appropriate for beginners. Tuesday morning Level I/II links together complimentary poses to provide an invigorating, strength based morning class.  Classes feature a somatic approach with personal adjustments and pose variations so that every student may move without strain. All classes encourage mindfulness of the breath, the body and the mind for greater awareness.

90-Minute Class Fee
Drop in: $15
8 class pass/ $110
4 class pass/ $55
Sliding scale available on an individual basis. 
NOTE:  Class cards can be used with all instructors*

All Levels Yoga with Erin
Self-Awakening Yoga Therapeutics is an inquiry-based approach to yoga asana that is designed to reclaim our inherent range of motion. This style of yoga is designed to support an increased range of motion, lessening chronic pain and supporting injury recovery. Added bonuses are reduced stress and anxiety. 

Class Fee:  10 class card is $110, 5-class card is $60, $13.00 drop-in.  Please pay instructor. NOTE:  Class cards can be used with all instructors*

Sweet Slow Flow with Denise
Class is a slow progression of poses linked to breath to create a smooth slow vinyasa flow with attention of the needs and variations for each person in the class.  Yoga practitioners will experience a class for the body, mind and spirit.

Class Fee:  10 class card is $110, 5-class card is $60, $13.00 drop-in.  Please pay instructor. NOTE:  Class cards can be used with all instructors*

Level 1/Beginners
Thursday's class is focused on end of the day stretching, strengthening, breathing, and resting including a short meditation at the end of class.  The movements come from the ViniYoga tradition, and are adapted to students' needs.  It's a great way to unwind tensions at the end of the day, and enter into evening with awareness.

Class Locations:
Graton Community Club: 8996 Graton Rd, Graton CA  95444
The Graton Community Club has graciously allowed us to offer classes in their space.  Located right on Graton Road, the space is bright, spacious, and carpeted.  Please bring your own yoga mats and props.  Due to events at the center, classes may be cancelled.  Please check this website often for updates.

Stone Creek Zen Center:
2999 Bowen Street, Graton, CA 95444 (next to the Day Labor Center)
We are honored to teach at the yoga classes offered at Stone Creek Zen Center. The building is located 1/2 block from downtown. The room features a quiet heating/cooling system and has a hardwood floor. Mats and props provided..The Center often has other events, so check this website for updates.  Want to know more about Stone Creek Zen Center?  Check out their website at